Our purpose is to select and recruit the right candidates who will adapt to Şölen's dynamism, innovativeness and motivation, and participate in its enthusiasm. In our recruitment process, all our candidates are evaluated against our basic competence criteria such as "Innovativeness and Creativeness, Success- and Result-Orientation, Analytical Thinking” in addition to the position-based functional competences. In addition to competences, the candidates' professional and technical knowledge is also measured. Conformity with our corporate culture and values is the most important criteria we consider throughout the entire process.

Generally, in our evaluation process;

All applications are received through

The candidates invited to interview by phone are subjected to English Proficiency Test and Interview based on Personality Inventory and Competence for the relevant positions. The candidates considered to be successful in the interview process by the Human Resources Department are subjected to "Technical Interview" by the relevant managers and directors.

Open Positions

The performance of our employees is evaluated within the scope of the Target-and-Competence-Based Performance Management System.

The Performance Management Process is composed of three basic stages:

  • Planning and Target Setting Period
  • Intermediary Evaluation (Feedback) Period
  • Yearend Evaluation Period

The outputs of the performance process are the inputs of the other critical human resources processes such as training and development, wage management, and career management.

Trainings in Şölen are planned so as to contribute to professional development of the employee, support his career plan and boost his work performance, considering his competences and functional skills. Starting from the philosophy of lifelong development, the technical and behavioral development trainings that are appropriate for the changing working conditions and dynamic structure of the fast consumption sector and will make difference for the employee and the organization are organized.